Friday, September 25, 2009

What's New About New Media: Take 2

Ooooh . . . I am steaming, piping, hot mad.

I thought Kylie was one of those earnest, sincere professors, the last person to take up mind games.

But here I am, at 8 AM on Friday Morning, reading some good old "Immediacy, Hypermediacy, and Remediation" by Bolter and Grusin (1999.) (If you haven't read this, you better get to it by Tuesday.) And I find, that this seriously posed discussion question, as posed by Kylie to be the topic of blogs this week, is actually a complete and total TRICK question. Unbelievable.

The authors write, in their climactic last sentences:
"Once again, what is new about digital media lies in their particular strategies for remediating television, film, photography, and painting. Repurposing as remediation is both 'what is unique to digital worlds' and what denies the possibility of that uniqueness."

So I guess my sort-of-hunch in my last blog post resonates pretty well with their theory. The "new" in new media changed both everything and nothing, because the very aspects that make them especially new, but definition, incorporate all of the old.

Who woulda guessed?


  1. Maybe its all a new way to love the old. The real trick is to get over the hype of newness so that we can begin to reclaim all that is lovable in the oldness.

  2. You got me there! Love the update to the post -- I can almost feel you reaching through my wifi connection to wring my neck :) Sounds like you had a wonderful/powerful idea in that original blog posting :)