Monday, November 16, 2009

Trumpets and Paintbrushes

Here's the thing.
I got out my trumpet yesterday.
I'm not claiming to have read all (or any) of the readings on Art for next week.
But I did get out my trumpet yesterday.

So I have a few thoughts about art. Some pre-emptive thoughts . . .

-Art can happen when I play my trumpet.
-Art can totally NOT happen when I play my trumpet.
-For me, it happens best when I don't have any music in front of me.
-For some, it happens best when they do.
-Art involves dynamics.
-Art feels good.
-Art is very linked to originality/improvisation/individual stamp stuff.
-Art is created by being exposed to other art first; it arises from past experience.
-Art can be really satisfying when you are doing it for a huge crowd, and it can be really satisfying when it is just you, your trumpet, and nobody.
-Art happens less when there is a functional purpose to what I am doing. (AKA warming up or warming down)

Anybody have any more pre-thoughts about art??


  1. Ala John Cage -- art can happen even when you don't play your trumpet :)

  2. here's one: if you have trouble making art no sweat, art has a way of finding you...through sunsets and fall leaves and unexpected moments and in encounters with the unknown.

  3. Thanks, Kylie and Mr. Untwitterable! Some very nice words o' wisdom . . .